About Europahuset Gävleborg

About Europahuset Gävleborg

Europahuset Gävleborg is a politically and religiously independent non-profit association that was founded in 1995. We work regionally in Gävleborg county and neighboring counties, but also nationally.

Europahuset wants to contribute to the residents of Gävleborg County gaining better knowledge and opportunities to meet Europe by establishing European networks, creating commitment to, and stimulating debate on international issues.

Europahuset offers education in European affairs

and contributes to establishing meeting places in

aim to increase understanding between the peoples of Europe

and states. The goal is to contribute to the work for

European cooperation and integration.

The target groups that the European House primarily addresses are young people and adults in the vicinity of young people, as well as popular movements.

Europahuset is part of a large European network called EUNET and has around 50 members from the many corners of Europe.

Europahuset offers:

A European network
Contacts with other European countries and organisations
International seminars in Sweden and Europe
Information and lectures on European issues
International projects and collaborations
Support for young people who want to establish contacts and collaborations in Europe
Service in the creation, implementation and reporting of EU projects

Members of the European House Gävleborg

Europahuset is a non-profit association. Membership can be applied for by associations, organisations, companies, municipalities and county councils. Here you can see which organizations are currently members of Europahuset Gävleborg.

ABF Gävleborg

Handelsanställdas Förbund Gävleborg

Hyresgästföreningen Region Aros-Gävle

IF Metall Gävleborg  

LO-distriktet Dalarna Gävleborg

Länsbygderådet X-ing Gävleborg

PRO Gävleborg

Resekompani AB. Sandviken

SKPF avdelning 41

Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Dalarna-Gävleborg

TCO Gävleborg

Unga Örnar Gävleborg

Board of the European House


Hans Svedberg, ABF Gävleborg


Mona Olander, SKPF

Jörgen Eliasson, Unga Örnar Gävleborg

Monica Börsheim, Resekompani AB

Viktor Rasjö, LO-distriktet i Dalarna ochGävleborg

Lena Husén, X-ing Gävleborg

Petra Elfström IF Metall Gävleborg


Anita Walther, PRO Gävleborg
Magnus Alfredsson, ABF Gävleborg

Magnus Larsson,Handelsanställdas förbund avdelning 26

Honorary member

Axel Andersson

Åke Söderman





+46 26 27 67 00